Posted on by Dave Woodruff

A Question:

It’s been said before, by people a whole cuss smarter than me, that love is beyond our understanding. We are all victims of it, or benefactor depending on your viewpoint. But inside, we all seem to be able to agree, we know less than we believe.

Perhaps it’s the perfect example of irony. You see, the thing about love is quite simple, but simultaneously intricate. It can bring peace and harmony, yet just as easily summon fear and despair. Many of the greatest artists in history only felt the true passion from their craft as a result of true heartache. A strange oxymoron, somehow we realize our most monumental potential, only as our life is shattered and crumbling in the inner chambers of our hearts.

Possibly it’s a cruel trick we foist on ourselves to provide a hint of a spark. Could it be, we’re too young too know about love? We’re just not advanced enough to understand its complexities and innuendo? How could an inexperienced soul possibly be able to fathom the intricacies and experience of another, all the while barely understanding ourselves. Or could it be we’re too old to take advantage of it… too responsible, too jaded by life, to set in our own ways and routines. We begin to look for someone, not so much what we desire, but what works for our needs.

Is there a place where love is exactly what we want and what we also need… and most importantly, also needs us equally? Is there an equilibrium where the oil and water mix in the ether and mix to create an more sensual and consummated union?

An Answer:

I believe so. it’s called in our true heart. The heart listens only to folly, but it can suffer immense amounts of pain and anguish, through all the suffering we receive from others and more importantly, ourselves. The true heart, the strong heart, the heart of hearts,  always returns to love. In all the world to love is the greatest gift our hearts are capable of. Sure the pumping of the blood is convenient, the delivery of life sustaining oxygen to the lungs is valuable, but we all know, the machinery will never outweigh the spark that is love.