Can't Find the Words

Posted on by Dave Woodruff

And he sat for what seemed an eternity, perched on the fringes of afterthought and overthought. Historically, the right words had always come as easily as breath. Now, he was overcome by incertitude and disarray. Like a punch in the gut, with the force to steal your breath forever. It may appear elementary, take your pick of twenty-six letters, assemble them into groups, lay them out with precision and verve, be clever and sharp, but not trite or banal. Step back and watch as the letters and their newfound construct have their way with the hearts and minds of people.

But, there are times when there are no right words. No amalgam of structure, no marriage of preposition and adjective will serve. Sometimes the world tilts off axis and any structure and framework appear only to serve as folly.

He looked into the delicate, deepening green blue sky. Venus was rising on a collision course with the fingernail moon. Whispy, ephemeral clouds framed the delicate dance, and he suddenly was at a loss for words. Sometimes, it’s not about words, it’s all about the feelings.