Wedding Invites

Invites for my Friends Rose & Michael

My friends Adam and Deann are designers... I loved the idea of the entwined fingerprints as a logo. We were gonna make it red, but it looked like blood ; (

I really like the concept of tying the know, they wanted color... Viola...

My friends Jessica & Tom wanted classy yet fun... I guess this is it... : )

Liz and Andrew went very festive...

I loved the TS Lewis Quote they chose

And a quote by Walt Whitman....

Erin & Justin decided on contemporary, but stylized... and I loved the little logo they put on everything.

My buddy mike wanted a simple cool logo they could use on everything. They still use it everywhere.

Using amazing botanical illustrations, Liam & Colette's invite is amazing.

And the inside is a but more festive.

Jess & Dave wanted swishy rose colors... so... here it is...

Simple, but fun... we went through a lot of colors, till they decided on gold and silver dots... kinda hard to see in the pics... but :)