If I could answer any question you've ever had about anything, what would your question be?

So, I'm working on a book to collect images of people associated with their questions. If you wanna submit a question, that would be lovely.

You don't have to give your name or eMail... Only if you wanna.


Some Previous Questions

If I died tomorrow, would I remember my whole life?
J Simmons - Portland, OR

How did my dog Rusty really die?
Marcus Hefburg – Columbia, Washington

Why are you doing this?
Opal Byrd - Phillipsburg, Montana

How many times can we keep making terrible mistakes before we get it?
Jenny Almouth 

Is my wife having an affair?

How can I get fish to jump into my boat?
Sheldon Woodbridge - San Francisco, CA

How will I know when I meet my true love?
Peter Case - Santa Monica, CA